Artist Statement

I am so fortunate to have art in my life. I had one of those traumatic experiences in fourth grade when I was told I would never be an artist. And for a very long time I would not allow myself to believe that I could be. But now, my art is my breath and it fills my being completely. Every day. And I love it.


My goal is to create opportunities to allow what is inside of me to come out.


My style of working is to gather materials and start playing with them to see what they want to be. Way back when, I first tried coming up with an idea, sketching it and then making the materials imitate the sketch. It was quite frustrating until I eventually got it that I was working backwards, that there was this energy inside of me that wanted to do its own thing and I needed to get out of the way. I have learned to trust that inner voice, to listen and learn from it.


Living in Colorado has been such an inspiration for my work. I look out the window and watch the wind blow the leaves on the trees, and see the sunlight shifting throughout the day. The seasons change and my work flows with these changes in nature.

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